Moving out, you need HELP? Book an end of tenancy cleaning with Canary Wharf Cleaners!

Countless working professionals, businesses, letting agents and others in East London feel that they could not cope with professional assistance on their own. Perhaps you could be one of them? Then you probably want to find out how much the service cost?
Yes, for all you want to know, this article will certainly help. I will try to guide you inside the hiring process as well as to look deep into particular detail at the average cost of our end of tenancy cleaning service.

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But before we hit the math subject and start calculating or bringing questions what tenancy cleaning price would be, i.e. I can reassure you: it does not cost very much money. Let’s see how valuable it is to allocate moving out clean to a professional cleaning provider beforehand.


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Well, Buddha with this quote was very much correct and I believe that your free time is worth a lot more than anything else. Benefitting with an additional free hour to spend doing what you enjoy the most (instead of doing cleaning) is from significant importance.

Conclusion perhaps is that you’re buying some free time for yourself and family by booking an important one-off clean. But here’s the revive, you will enjoy a spotless property ready for the new occupants to move in, furthermore you will gain the right to recoup your deposit back.

End of tenancy cleaning explained!

Finding reliable cleaning company is an issue that most folks find hard to overcome. It’s a major ground to make them think that doing all the scrubbing and polishing themselves is the best way of getting their deposit back.

But not necessarily!

End of tenancy cleaning is defined as professional deep clean of a rented property, performed by experienced cleaners with right cleaning detergents, equipment etc. and getting it ready for the new tenants to move in.

Just as an example, Canary Wharf Cleaners has demonstrated that clients can have faith in with respect to its excellency and its professional cleaning solutions.

So, with us, you can expect following cleaning tasks done during this process:

  • Thorough dusting.

  • Removing limescale.

  • Removing grease.

  • Spot wall cleaning.

  • Detailed cleaning around the property.

  • Scrubbing where necessary.

  • Polish where necessary.

  • Vacuum cleaning.


What is included?

The overall cleaning cost is proportional to the scale of the workload involved and believe me it’s actually a big effort. But what does clients get and what’s included in this type of cleaning service?

Well, the service terms are as follows:

You can expect always pristine cleaning effect when you book with Canary Wharf Cleaners our End of Tenancy Cleaning, well known as Move out/Move in Cleaning.

Overall cleaning costs for this type of service is usually fixed price per job (move out/end of tenancy cleaning). In addition, we also offer the pliability of combining your tenancy cleaning service with another specific cleaning task at reduced cost (ex: oven cleaning, professional steam carpet cleaning, external window cleaning, professional upholstery cleaning).

What NOT to expect with end of tenancy cleaning service?

To be clear and mostly to avoid any type of confusion, please be advised that:

  • Do expect a professional cleaning service, but don’t expect cleaners to transform your property furniture or overall into brand new.

  • Don’t forget wear and tear factor.

  • Don’t expect your carpets to be 100% stained cleaned. No one can guarantee this.

  • Don’t expect walls to get cleaned on 100% so it looks like new , they might need painting.

  • Sometime oven tray cannot be cleaned 100%, it may need be replaced with new.

Again, clients can feel free to combine the service with another specific service and get an attractive discount along the way.

How we calculate the price?

The average price for this type of cleaning can be estimated by taking into consideration wide range of aspects in connection to the task. These may include the way the service is charged (hourly or fixed price), the dimension of your property, number of bathrooms, reception rooms, conservatories, balconies etc.

Aspects of cost.

Below, you can check out what your tenancy cleaning cost is usually based on.

Clearly, a randomly booked local cleaner, who’s posted an ad in the Isle of Dogs or Poplar area local paper, may impose cheaper cleaning rate per hour than a professional cleaning company. But doubtlessly he or she may come at an unexpected extra cost. So, should you choose and give authority to your cleaning requirements to a professional services provider or to an individual without any feedbacks unless she or he is recommended to you?

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company:

  1. Peace of mind with Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance! Cleaners and the cleaning company itself are fully insured against accidental damage to your property.
  2. Numerous payments ways for client.You have the convenience of paying for the service with a BACS, debit/credit card, cheque etc.
  3. Feedback lines.Our business offers various ways to bring your feedback, complaint related to the service.
  4. Prompt invoicing. In any case, you should collect your deposit and you have to proof the clean to your landlords or letting agent you will be able to get it on the same day once the service is completed.
  5. References and credibility.A professionally run business puts implement practices and high standards, these are based on competence, quality control measures and constant service development.
  6. Excellent customer service.Around the clock support to clients.

Professional service vs. independent cleaner.

Unpredicted EXTRA costs for booking a “cleaning maid”.

From our experience we think that booking an individual cleaner is not a good option. They could come today to your place and next, you don’t ever hear from them again. Well there are many hardworking and reliable cleaners around but we still think that hiring one its like a toss a coin. Contrary to a professional cleaning company, an individual cleaner can’t provide you with additional piece of mind, which comes hand in hand with confirmable practice and experience. Beside that, not many self-employed persons will obtain liability insurance.

Reputable company will arrange all of the above and have in place everything.

Do the right thing, hire a professional move out cleaner!

You are already familiarised with the advantages you get when you allocate your moving out troubles to a reputable cleaning company. But let’s summarize and find out why booking Canary Wharf Cleaners will make your life painless and easier.

10 Awesome Benefits you get with Canary Wharf Cleaners.

Unlike Canary Wharf Cleaners, other companies in the service sector will strive to offer their customers attentiveness, patience, they won’t promote good, friendly and helpful atmosphere. But with us we will go for you an extra mile, we thrive to be flexible and offer unreal customer-oriented approach. And that’s not all of it:

  • Straightforward booking. Arrange your cleaning session over the phone, online in less than couple of minutes by completing the form.

  • Special offers. When you combine more than one of our services, clients benefit by paying less.

  • Trained and experienced cleaners. All end of tenancy cleaning crews are tried, tested and experienced.

  • Convenient day& time. Convenience is a major input to achieve and complete the service precisely. We will arrange for you preferred day and time prior to check out from the property.

  • We never cancel. We promise, we deliver! Your moving out won’t be disrupted, we will make everything to complete the clean within the agreed timeframe

  • Personalised service. Comprehensive cleaning checklist we’ll be followed sticking into the tasks.

  • Professional cleaning equipment & products. Our company will deliver everything needed to perform the end of tenancy cleaning.

  • Customer support. Customer care is always available.

  • Available 7 days a week. Cleans available 7 days a week.

  • Fully insured. Fully insured cleaning company.

How much you pay for moving out clean?

Please see in below table of approximate cost for end of tenancy cleaning is.

End of tenancy cleaning price list

Property Size Flat Cleaning House Cleaning
Studio cleaning £99.00
One Bedroom £130.00 £150.00
Two Bedroom £150.00 £160.00
Three Bedroom £170.00 £180.00
Four Bedroom £200.00 £220.00

Special offers

Combined bookings Total Price
Studio Cleaning + steam carpet clean £109.00
Studio Cleaning + external window cleaning £120.00
1 Bed Flat Clean+ Carpet Clean 2 rooms £155.00
2 Bed Flat Clean + Carpet Clean 3 rooms 190.00

All prices are subject to our terms and conditions and subject to VAT.

Go ahead, act smart book an experienced cleaning team today!

Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning:


  • Wipe down furniture, doors, door frames, picture frames.

  • Wipe down all dust from skirting boards within the property.

  • Clean internal windows, windows sills and ledges.

  • Wipe down top of cupboards / wardrobes, and inside those.

  • Manually remove cobwebs by using a duster.

  • Vacuum Clean all wooden, tiled or carpeted floors

  • Clean, dust and polish mirrors, light switches etc.

  • Clean windows internally by using a squeegee.

  • Wipe down and polish electricity plugs, electrical sockets, ornaments, light switches & fittings, lamps and lamp shades.

  • Clean behind the radiators.

  • Clean all property furniture under and behind.

  • Vacuum clean all upholstery furniture.

  • Mop floors where necessary.


  • Clean every kitchen cupboard, drawers inside and out.

  • Clean internally and externally refrigerator & freezer.

  • Clean inside /out microwave.

  • Clean fully washing machine soap dispenser.

  • Clean fully dishwasher, wipe all sides, remove limescale, clean filter.

  • Degrease inside part of oven;

  • Degrease, clean, polish extractor fan, hob & grill

  • Clean rubbish bin inside/ out

  • Remove mould on walls, corners, ceiling in the kitchen if any.

  • Spot wall clean where necessary.

  • Clean and remove limescale inside kettle, clean bread crumbs from toaster, etc.

  • Clean all kitchen countertops.

  • Remove lime scale in and around the kitchen sink, polish sink taps and other ornaments.

  • Clean inside of the windows; clean and polish window sills / window ledges.

  • Wipe down woodworks within the kitchen.

  • Wipe down dining table, dining chairs etc.

  • Clean electrical plugs, electrical light switches

  • Vacuum clean and wash floor.

#Bathroom and Toilet

  • Clean bath fully tries to remove limescale accumulated on chrome ornaments.

  • Wash shower, shower screen inside and out.

  • Remove limescale on shower head, shower pipes etc.

  • De-scale and disinfect toilet, clean on the sides and behind toilet.

  • Scrub, deep clean, remove limescale on bathroom sink, make sure to polish taps.

  • Clean, wipe down tiles, remove mould on walls, ceiling and corners.

  • Wipe down and polish glass, mirrors, picture frames.

  • Wipe inside/ out granite tops, cupboards, shelving, wardrobes, furniture.

  • Polish all chrome ornaments.

  • Clean windows if any, professionally clean window sills/ window ledges/ inside of the windows.

  • Clean door knobs, door, door frame, skirting boards, tiling.

  • Wipe towel radiator.

  • Check clean extractor fan.

  • Wipe clean electrical plugs, electrical light switches.

  • Vacuum clean floor, mop floor.

#Hallway and Reception Room

  • Remove Cobwebs around the hallway or reception room.

  • Vacuum Clean sofa, sofa pillows, hallway tree,

  • Clean and polish mirrors.

  • Clean and polish door knobs, light switches, picture frames, décor lamps, lamp shades.

  • Vacuum clean floors, carpet, wooden floor.

  • Wipe doors frames and top of doors.

  • Clean all skirting boards, wood works leave them free from dust.

  • Wipe down banister, stairway, and railings

  • Clean inside and outside all furniture.

  • Move and clean light furniture, clean behind and underneath.

  • Spot wall clean where necessary.

  • Clean marks from shoes left on floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas in East London do you cover?

A: We cover mainly Canary Wharf, but apart from E14 postcode we do cover nearby Mile End, Bow, Caning Town, Southwark and Greenwich.

Please give us a call on 020 3137 5933 if your property is outside these areas. Our cleaning teams are experienced End of Tenancy Cleaning Service specialists and on a call 7 days a week. We might help you out if you come up with a short notice for the same or next day.

Q: Do you provide cleaning detergents and cleaning equipment for the job?

A: Yes, we do provide all necessary materials and machinery for the post tenancy cleans. We prefer to use ours tried and tested detergents for a better, faster and efficient finish.

Q: Do you follow an end of tenancy cleaning checklist?

A: Yes, our end of tenancy cleaning service checklist is designed to help you out prior to getting your deposit back. We have created comprehensive checklist based on our experience by working with many letting agents and private landlords. Usually clients receive the checklist together with the booking confirmation.

Q: How can I be sure you will do a good job?

A: We never let our clients down. All of our cleaners in this field are with 5+ years’ experience. They have performed hundreds of end of tenancy cleaning jobs and our specialists rarely got called back for a re-clean. Our main aim is clients to have a piece of mind whilst re-locating homes and finally try help you get your deposit back.

Q: Do you guarantee the service?

A: Yes, this service is fully guaranteed. Book your move out clean with us for a piece of mind. If something goes wrong with your checkout in regards to the clean, rest assured that we will send cleaner free of charge for re-clean. That means that the service is 100% guaranteed.

Q: When do I pay for the cleaning service?

A: Usually we take payments only when the cleaning job is completed. We expect prompt payment from customers once our invoice is sent out.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: Canary Wharf Cleaners are experts in use of Karcher for scrubbing and buffing floors, PROCHEM for carpet& upholstery cleaning treatments, UNGER window cleaning system for high reach water-fed pole using purified water.

Q: Do you supply cleaning equipment and detergents?

A: Not always, but we do supply cleaning equipment for certain services like Domestic Cleaning and Office Cleaning we supply on request, for an End of Tenancy Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning we include equipment and cleaning materials within the price.

Q: Do you have written quality policy and guarantee?

A: Yes of course. Our quality policy is designed for our employees to follow certain codes of practice. Our guarantee policy for the End of Tenancy Service is that, in case you are unhappy with the cleaning done, you can contact us and book in re-clean which of course it will be free of charge.

Q: Can I cancel or relocate already booked moving out cleaning appointment?

A: Absolutely. As we serve many other customers, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance and we’ll reschedule or cancel your cleaning appointment.

Q: Does your company collect key?

A: We are absolutely fine to collect key from nearby addresses, letting shop etc. and drop them of back, but bear in mind we can do this only if these properties are in close proximity.

Q: Do you get called back to rec-clean?

A: We’ve kept zero tolerance on re-cleans. We rarely get called back to the property. That is why our clients benefit from having specialist performing teams fully familiarised with the tenancy cleaning checklist and professional cleaning service.

Q: Can you book me on short notice?

A: This will depend on our availability. As we fully cover the Canary Wharf, Docklands and Isle of Dogs Areas we will be able to react fast when you need us. Be advised that we are well booked in advance. Once you get your move out date, please give us a call right away.

Q: Do we guarantee the end of tenancy cleaning service?

A: We guarantee this service 100%. For your piece of mind and to help you get your deposit back we will successfully deliver best possible service for you. During the check our if any issues arise, we also guarantee that we will send cleaner free of charge to re-clean any disputed areas.

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