Best Cleaning Methods: How the Cleaning of Glass Shower Door Keeps at Bay Limescale.

The cleaning of a glass shower door is important. They tend always to get enormous amounts of limescale deposits. That’s why a little knowledge of how to clean glass doors is essential. Accumulation of such deposits all over the shower door glass and shower glass walls will make your otherwise shiny bathroom look unpleasant and not welcoming.

Taking care of it isn’t easy, don’t you think grabbing a soapy sponge or window cleaner and cloth with all of these will do the job. Instead, if you follow our guide and with a little bit of know-how and elbow grease, the stubborn hard water deposits don’t have a chance to appear anymore! But most importantly is if you read the Ultimate Cleaning Schedule.


How to Clean Shower Glass Doors Effectively?

  • Start with wetting the whole of the area, the shower glass needs to be completely wet before proceed to the next step.

  • Second step is to pour a white vinegar into a spray bottle and use it to saturate the glass fully.

  • Third step is to let the vinegar sit and soak up in for a minimum of 15 minutes. You may leave it even longer if there’s signs of stubborn build-up.

  • Wet a scrub sponge with water and then dip into baking soda, this will create similar to paste look like substance, scrub the glass try to apply a little bit of force to eliminate hard deposits. Using the baking soda provides an abrasive way to scrub off limescale, while the white vinegar dissolves the hard water spots plus any other soap scums.

  • Once you have noticed that the glass doors appears clean, rinse it off with cold or warm water.

  • Dry the glass with a squeegee or if you don’t have you can use a clean microfiber cloth, at the end you can use glass cleaner to finalise the cleaning of the glass, shower trim and towel hangers.

What Products you need for Shower Glass Cleaning?

  • Empty Spray Bottle

  • Scrub Sponge

  • White vinegar

  • Baking Soda

  • Window or Glass Cleaner

  • Microfibre Cloth or Paper Towel.

Keeping Shower Glass Clean

How water spots appear on shower enclosure glass. When water drops dry on the surface of the shower glass, hard deposits appear. So the easiest way to maintain your shower enclosure is to prevent water from drying it up on its surface. All hard water spots appear on your glass when water drops dry there. Please check out following preventative measures you can conduct:

  • Leave a squeegee inside shower cabin to wipe down the inside glass after use of the shower.
  • After finishes cleaning the glass with the squeegee, apply a Shower Guard this is the strongest most durable glass protection system. You can also protect glass ceramic tiles, mirrors and porcelain from hard and soapy contaminants.
  • Another clever idea is to Install a water softener. But this might not be suitable for everyone because it is an expensive way to maintain glass enclosure clean, but it will help minimise other risks and problems by reducing mineral build-up. This will definitely prevent mineral build-up  insides bathroom pipes, faucets, dishwasher, showerheads and other appliances.

Cleaning Your Bathroom

Once you’re done with the above problem, head back to the Cleaning Services page to find out how to mop tile floors and more. If cleaning your shower keeps getting you annoyed on your to-do list and you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, ask your local Canary Wharf Cleaners for some assistance.