Vision described as follows.

Quality policy is very well defined document and it is a true definition of a high standards steadily incorporated within our company. Canary Wharf Cleaners specialise in providing services for a wide variety of customers across residential, commercial and public sectors. With many retained customers and a professional way of conducting our service, we have discovered that profit before quality is not only outdated, it is a liability. That is why we believe that placing quality management system in place is imminent. For those reasons, we trust that tailoring written quality policy will help not only our employees contribute more but also reassure our clients that we meeting their quality expectations.

Integrated Strategy

  • We aim to deliver consistent quality of service.

  • Promptly respond to client’s objectives.

  • We make sure that all content is clearly understood by cleaners.

  • Ensure that all of our cleaning crews are provided with proper information, training etc.

  • Audit quality performance from time to time.

  • Provide means obligatory to implement the policy.

Cleaners responsibilities

All of our domestic or commercial office cleaners, has the responsibility to familiarise themselves with company quality commitments and expectations. They are required to follow the systems put in place to achieve a better cleaning service, a service to meet client’s expectations.


Continual improvement delivering customers satisfaction is very important part of the way we conduct our service.