Communal Areas Cleaning within residential blocks and developments.

Book Communal Cleaning Service to maintain your premises neat.

  • Experienced cleaning teams.

  • Special expert cleaning equipment and detergents.

  • Cleaning and maintaining healthy environment of the property on weekly or monthly basis.


Maintain your residential block cleaned with following 4 easy steps

Communal area cleaning prices

1-5 flatsfrom £35.00 per visitWeekly/Bi-weeklyIncluded
6-10 flatsfrom £45.00 per visitWeekly/ Bi-weeklyIncluded
10-30 flats from £60.00 per visitWeekly/ DailyIncluded
Large developmentPlease call for priceWeekly/DailyPlease call for price

All prices are subject to VAT, T&C and Minimum Outgoing Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area’s postcode, size of the residential block, intensity and number of flats in the building. Congestion Charge may be applicable.

Why you need to book common area cleaning services?

This service is particularly tailored to maintain cleaner state of your block, especially in buildings consisting half a dozen or more flats, as the flow of people coming in and out increasing the possibility for making the communal parts such as corridors, staircase, lifts and walkways messy.

  • We clean common parts in blocks of different sizes.

  • Corridor, staircase, lift and lobby cleaning.

  • Spot wall cleaning.

  • External window cleaning.

  • Steam carpet cleaning.

  • Floors scrubbing and polishing.

  • Door entry panels polishing.

  • Car park litter pick.

Weekly refreshment of your block, is that what you are looking for?  During busy week, there is always a certain amount of dust, litter, cobwebs etc. left behind from habitants. Not to mention outside visitors who does not care at all, your property is in absolutely increased risk of getting messy real fast. Our company is taking care of over 30 residential blocks and developments across East London and around the City. So, just book your communal cleaning service online and let our cleaners maintain the cleanliness. After each visit you will get, precisely cleaned, deodorized and refreshed premises. We look at each block individually as the scope work from one to another vary greatly. We tend first to see it, quote it, book it and do it. 5 plus years of experience on current cleaning teams with fully equipped vehicles ready to help anywhere in Canary Wharf, East London!


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We have cleaned many properties in the most popular residential buildings in Canary Wharf. The Landmarks, Pan Peninsula, Saint David’s Square, New Providence Wharf, Ontario Building, Millharbour.