Within Canary Wharf Cleaners we strongly believe that health & safety is our number one priority. This is massive part of good management and operational practises which brings value and contributes to our professional cleaning service. Our cleaning company is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of our cleaners and clients and ensuring that every one of our colleagues returns home safely. To make it possible and to deliver this commitment the Managing Director through written Health & Safety Policy provides resources for it’s implementation.

This policy clearly identifies responsibilities of all employees and specify the arrangements for the control of hazards and communications of health and safety matters with employees. Our cleaning company recognise the need to prevent and reduce incidents, accidents and keep to minimum ill health arising from duty. As our main priority we try to implement zero tolerance policy for accidents. Canary Wharf Cleaners remind to all employees that they have a personal responsibilities for their own health and safety attitude. They must therefore obey and follow safe working practises mentioned in the Health & Safety Management booklet and cooperate fully with their managers on any matter related for this policy.