The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule 2021: Guide, Advice and Hints on How Often You Should Clean House and Apartment

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House Cleaning

Do you sometimes wonder how often should I clean my house? Every day? Maybe once a month? What is the Ultimate Cleaning Schedule?

And I bet you don’t have in place an ultimate cleaning schedule. Perhaps you can ask your Canary Wharf Maid ?

Well, it is a hell of a cleaning chore. No doubt about that. It does go stretching long way in explaining the need for house cleaning services.

But it’s an important task which cannot be left aside. You do prefer your house, flat, or studio to be clean and fresh at all times.

Folks do not deal with house cleaning tasks thoroughly. They address only those problems that require immediate attention.

This way of doing things does not much. But with the steady approach at some point, the day of full house clean will arrive.

Then a deep full-on, top-down spring clean will be called for. Still, wonder, is there a greater way to tackle mess at home?

Regular House Clean: Useful equipment and materials

  • Microfibre cloth
  • Trigger spray bottle with multi purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaning cloth
  • Window cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Limescale remover
  • Kitchen degreaser
  • New plastic bags
  • Mop& Bucket
  • Duster
  • Vacuum cleaner

If that thought leaves you to flutter, don’t yet press the panic button. We’ve constructed a list of cleaning materials and how often you should clean an important household item. Discover if you’re cleaning often enough… or in fact, plentiful!

The Conclusive Cleaning Schedule

Taking on small cleaning tasks seems more like an easy way to pretend that you doing a great job. This a choice rather than a commitment.

“I’m getting cleaned this microwave now because I choose to. And not because I must do.” But dealing with home chores one at a time is not enough.

House cleaning need arises drastically. It is actually the most inefficient. You waste a lot of time too. A great way is to go on phases or zones.

Create a house cleaning schedule. When and what requires to be done. Layout the different chores by the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

We did create step-by-step guidelines for folks wish cleaning home themselves.

What chemicals to use for house cleaning: 

  1. Window cleaner -Astonish
  2. Multipurpose cleaner -Antibacterial Tesco
  3. Kitchen degreaser- Method Kitchen Cleaner
  4. Limescale remover -Viakal or Harpic
  5. Oven cleaner -Oven Pride
  6. Floor cleaner -Cif
  7. Mould cleaner- Cillit Bang



How Often Should I Clean Kitchen


Every Day. The kitchen is the most used area of your house. It gets dirty very quickly. Needs a lot of attention. You have a minimum obligation to clean it every day.

Oven cleaning is essential together with an effective way to mop tile floors. or No excuses. After you pretended to be Gordon Ramsey for an hour or two, later comes the other commitment.

This is to make certain wiping down surfaces that were contaminated by food preparation. Try returning items like salt, any spices, or flour bowl to their original location.

Of course, you become tired. But do not neglect dishes. Don’t leave them for the next day. Do it right away. Perhaps start the dishwasher to ease the pain.

And yes! The floor should be swept or vacuum cleaned daily. This will help to round up any crumbs or other tidbits that might have been dropped.

Mopping floor is a minimum requirement of twice a week. The refrigerator should also be cleaned regularly. Don’t take a chance.

Clean out expired food or other leftovers. Clean spills from drinks promptly. Other kitchen appliances like the kettle, microwave, and hob should be wiped down daily.

Follow our tips for domestic cleaning chores.


How Often I Should Clean Bathroom

 Once a week. You may think the house bathroom is the murkiest area.

But you’d be wrong. The kitchen is, as chopping boards and used dishcloths are more likely to harbour dangerous bacteria. This is the reason; you are off the hook. But only for a week. You can get away with cleaning the bathroom thoroughly once a week – although we do recommend prioritizing the toilet seat and wiping it daily. Multipurpose bathroom cleaner will do the job. Take care of mould once a month. Clean tile grouts every two months.


How Often Should I Clean Living Room?

Once a week. Accumulating dust is the main problem in the living room. Get it done at least once a week.

Twenty minutes will do the job. This is enough time to wipe down furniture, tables, shelves, and more. Clean windows internally. We recommend vacuuming clean sofa cushions. In the end, if you have carpeted floors- vacuum clean. In addition, booking a professional steam carpet cleaner should be done at least once every six months.


How Often I Should Clean Bedrooms?

Every two weeks. From a cleaning perspective house, bedroom will need minimal attention. Unlike other rooms in the house, the bedroom is the least use.

You use it mainly for rest. Wow, that is easy. Of course, just get a clean microfibre cloth. Wipe down all surfaces. Don’t forget lampshades. Clean bedside tables too. Take a window cleaner to wipe windows and windows sills. Change your bedsheets at least once a week. Vacuum the mattress. We recommend a steaming clean mattress at least twice a year. See another absolute cleaning schedule here how often should I clean my house.


How Often Should I Do Spring Cleaning?

Once a year. Numerous household tasks can’t wait. And for that reason, have to be done promptly.

These cannot wait until spring deep clean. We recommend, as one of the best house cleaning services in London deep clean once a year.

Move and clean behind and underneath furniture. Steam clean curtains. Wipe down window blinds. Book professional upholstery cleaning.

Emptying bookcases will help contain dust precisely. Clean top of the cupboards, wardrobes, and door frames.


In Conclusion

We did it at the end. I hope you went through and read all recommendations.

Good, then you can create your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to-do lists. It might take a while to transform our ideas into a routine.

Stick to your list and stay the course. Your home will look better and smell fresher. The good thing is that you won’t feel overburdened by accumulated cleaning chores.

But if you vacate the rented property in London, you’ll need to do the entire list top to bottom. You will have to call us and book an end of tenancy cleaning.

This is the service you need to get your deposit back.