London’s End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices List : Cleaning Tips, Essential Cost, Must Do Checklist plus FAQ’s For an End of Tenancy Cleaning Services.

End of tenancy cleaning price list for Canary Wharf

End of tenancy cleaning price list Canary Wharf

Finding best end of tenancy cleaning prices in London, isn’t easy.  When your end of your tenancy agreement expires, you will face the reality. Now, you will have two options.  You can clean the property yourself or hire professional end of tenancy cleaning company. Keeping your home tidy on daily basis is one thing. But making it clean for next tenants is a different story.

Firstly, we have developed the ultimate fixed end of tenancy cleaning prices in London. Because we are trying to reach out to many customers, not only in East London. But to others who also requires specialist cleaning service, We’ve got it all covered for you and Co.

Secondly once the moving out day is near, you might feel the heat by doing the clean yourself. Bearing in mind , your landlord will expect high standards. Whilst performing the checkout, you might face stern talking if some areas are uncleaned. Your main objective is to have your apartment or house deep-cleaned. Our specialist advice is that if you feeling unsure, calling a professional cleaning services provider is must do.

Finally we respect our work efforts, nothing comes free. Canary Wharf Cleaners end tenancy cleaning will come at a fixed price. Getting surprised with the higher cost for it?  Our experience proves the ratio 0.5:10 when compare to cost of cleaning job to rent . Clients will not like  don’t losing deposit over £150.00. Therefore we’ve calculated an estimate to prices for end of tenancy cleaning.

End of tenancy cleaning prices list

End of tenancy cleaning prices list are mainly determined on the size of the actual property. Major factor is the total number of rooms within the house. Extra or additional rooms like dining, receptions, cinema or study will be added to the total cost. Typically, roughly price range will be around £160-£500.

Many cleaning companies prefer pricing the jobs on the number of cleaners they send for the job. Statistically wise, average end of tenancy clean differ. Anything from 2-4 hours for a studio or one-bedroom flat, or as long as 5-8 hours for a massive maisonette or four bedroom house is the minimum.

Property type Size Average UK cost
Studio One room £145
Apartment Up to two rooms £170
Apartment Two to three bedrooms £230
House Four or five bedrooms £280
House Six or more bedrooms £420

End of tenancy cleaning prices are based on averages cleaning rates – book a cleaner

What are the best end of tenancy cleaning prices?

The London’s best average price for end of tenancy cleaning in the UK is just over of £250.

Client should expect far higher cleaning prices if property is bigger and contains five to six or more bedrooms, where the typical price will more likely to fit the diapason of £300-500.

Do not forget and remember that you will need your deposit back. It is an important that getting a professional one-off clean will be nice touch. At least you will not have to worry about anything.

Hiring end of tenancy cleaning company at best prices will save you time and sometimes money. It will provide a peace of mind, regardless all high standards will be met.

End of tenancy cleaning prices summarizing facts

To determine the actual end of tenancy cleaning prices is not an easy tasks. Having to figure out the size, load of work etc we try accurately calculate the cost. For a full end of tenancy cleaning, we will check need to check couple of main factors.

Firstly, most important this is the actual  size of clients home.

Secondly, what is current cleaning condition.

Thirdly, for messy and filthy places, will require cleaners to go further to make sure the place is left super cleaned. For that reason the price of the cleaning effort will cost more.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay a little bit extra on top, if you haven’t been cleaning your place lately.

How end of tenancy cleaning quotation is formed?

We advise clients to obtain at least two end of tenancy cleaning prices from different companies. Doing some research will help to take at least two quotes to compare. This way client determining the actual cost for end of tenancy cleaning.  Going on Google search engine will get end of tenancy cleaning quotes in no time.

At Canary Wharf Cleaners once we receive an inquiry, we will be  providing a lot of information about the job, we are about to perform.  We’ll BE sending it out our tenancy cleaning checklist. Check our prices now!

What is the end of tenancy cleaning hourly prices on average

The top average hourly rate cleaning rate for an end of tenancy cleaning, run from specialist cleaning services provider will be £20-£28 per hour, including all materials, equipment and other charges. Remember,  this is depends on the individual circumstances, cleaners expertise and few other factors.

What to expect from end of tenancy cleaning service?

We can describe the end of tenancy cleaning service, like a thorough cleaning. This involves not only specific rooms but the entire property. All surfaces, wooden works, kitchen sink, cupboards, cabinets, bath tub, toilet, windows, floors, tiles, upholstery, carpets, walls, picture frames and skirting boards in your flat will get a thorough deep clean.

All other rooms , hallways that have accumulated dust, grime, fluff and filth will require sanitizing, We will not be forgetting the spiders cobwebs. They are sometimes located on hard-to-reach places, but we know what to do and how to do it.

All modern kitchen appliances like , refrigerator, oven, kettle, coffee machine, microwave and fridge will also face the ‘deep clean’ team. Our cleaners will won’t forget about the limescale. Which could be found inside the dish washer or the blackened seal inside your old washing machine.

Extra free cleaning can be done. Extra attention to be paid on the balcony or external windows. This tasks won’t over stretch your already tight budget. To advise that if client require a deep carpet cleaning service such service has to be agreed beforehand the actual end of tenancy clean. If you occupying a house, your patio may need cleaning or tidying the garden, jet washing the driveway may also be compulsory. But all of these above will further contribute on to the final cost.

Our cleaning company will make sure that the smallest details are intact. Small bit or other little things that are easily forgotten, But rest assured that are never neglected from our house cleaners. They will spot clean walls, wipe door, knobs, door handles, wipe and polish locks and  wash the entire bathroom.

Window cleaning in Canary Wharf

End of tenancy internal window cleaning

Difference between end of tenancy cleaning and general house cleaning explained?

The difference between end of tenancy cleaning and general cleaning is huge. The general clean It is classified as ‘common cleaning’ . It is easy to be done. Everyone can perform it in their properties. Major tasks are here:

  • vacuum clean carpets ,
  • eliminating visible dust, and
  • quickly wiping down surfaces of
  • clean cobwebs and other small particles
  • mop floors
  • wipe surfaces

Such simple tasks do not require huge efforts. It is not an elbow grease to maintain your house looking clean.

In the other hand the deep clean process of full end of tenancy cleaning usually involves, a lot of effort. Aka we call it a thorough clean. Without exception every corner of clients property is cleaned. We call it from top to bottom.

Think as many as you like. Take for :

  • removing limescale,
  • removing grease from oven,
  • deep clean window frames,
  • cleaning door frames, example photo frames, all surfaces,
  • cleaning kitchen cabinets,
  • skirting boards
  • cleaning light switches,
  • the area around and under furniture, your TV unit, behind underneath the beds maybe you haven’t looked at since you have moved in.
  • sanitizing toilet
  • deep clean bath tube

Bear in mind, that not every company has a safety contractor accreditation. But professional safe contractor has comprehensive list of all tasks involved. Plus other additional services. Remember when trying to obtain a quotation for end of tenancy cleaning price, ask the  company representative what they will do in your property.

End of tenancy cleaning prices/ kitchen– simple example:

  • Cleaning the oven
  • Degreasing the oven racks and trays
  • Cleaning and polishing the hob
  • Wiping the extractor hood
  • Clean microwave oven
  • Depp clean fridge/freezer
  • Check on washing machine,
  • Wipe and clean dishwasher& tumble dryer.
  • Unblock and clean kitchen sink
  • Wipe clean countertop
  • Dust bathroom cabinets internally& externally
  • Spot wall clean
  • Wipe dust doors
  • The window sills
  • Mop flooring
End of tenancy cleaning prices Landmark Pinnacle

Apartment cleaning Landmark Pinnacle

End of tenancy cleaning FAQs

Q: Do you offer professional carpet& upholstery cleaning services?

A: Yes, our carpet& upholstery is treated as additional cleaning service. Once you book two or more services we offer decent discounts.

Q: Will I get my deposit back 100%?

A: Well, we will try our best to help you get your deposit back. Cleaning companies like ours, always offer free re-clean. The 72 hours warrantee is part of the actual end of tenancy clean. So, the chances of losing your deposit are minimal when you hire a legitimate professional cleaning company. In addition they will deliver all cleaning materials and equipment.
However, you must remember that our cleaners cannot restore properties to a its previous glamorous new look. Remember that if there’s been any light or other structural damages apart from wear and tear over the tenancy period, you landlord may ask you to pay towards it. Such circumstances are out of reach for us and we will not be able to help or repair such. This is where your rented property will not appear in expected shape.

Q: Do you provide all cleaning materials and equipment for the  end of tenancy quotes?

A: Yes, as a professional cleaning company our bespoke cleaners provide all. Such as materials and equipment, our fully equipped cleaning crews will take care of these. These are usually included in the final end of tenancy cleaning prices. If your windows cannot be wiped safely from the inside, you may need to hire a pro window cleaning company. Book or hire a reach and wash window cleaning company at extra cost. For more advice and cleaning price list or how to book end of tenancy cleaning in Canary Wharf read our blog page.

Q; Do I have to do anything before the clean?

A: Certainly. Firstly we require client to defrost fridge. Secondly, we require clients personal belongings to be taken out of the property or at least to be stored in a single room. The freezer must be fully defrosted in advance. If you need some help with this have a look at our article how often should I clean my house?

 Do I have to pay extra for oven cleaning?

A: Not with us. Canary Wharf Cleaners unlike many business models will do it as part of the service. Some other cleaning companies may charge additionally. But at least 80% of the companies include the oven cleaning within the actual price.

Q: Can I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

A: Yes of course. Everyone can do it. But this depends on the resources you have. Secondly the expertise is crucial. But you must adhere to specific steps. We advise you, you may need to do little research about it before you start. Remember it is time consuming?  Bear in mind that vast majority of letting agents, landlords or freeholders will require a receipt as a proof that a property and home appliances have been professionally cleaned. Use  the professionals with expertise and we’ll help you with the uphill task of an end of tenancy cleaning price. We always try to meet your budget.