Environmental awareness is an important part of Canary Wharf Cleaners success and approach. We always take into consideration the eco system, air, land, fauna, flora, water and the sustainability for our practices to meet and exceed current needs without impact on future generations.


It is very important to segregate waste before placing it into designated bins. Our communal areas cleaners, domestic and office cleaners are to segregate paper waste and general waste at source. We also aim to ensure that waste transfer and consignment notes are fully completed and kept safe for auditing purposes. Our operative report any contaminated waste seen to building manager, supervisor or clients. All the waste is kept in bin rooms and secure from public and with restricted access available only to residents or our company.

  • Don’t burn or bury waste.

  • Don’t contaminate waste streams.

  • Place all waste in the correct bins.

Why do you think that contamination is such an important issue for all businesses? Failure to segregate different types of waste means that:

A failure to segregate divergent kinds of waste measures that you:

  • It will cost you more to get the waste disposed.

  • You will lose detectability what waste is produced.

  • Continue to pollute instead helping the environment.

Remember: In many cases contaminated and unsorted waste is a liability costing companies lot of money and risking harming your brands name.



What Is exactly chemical contamination?

Chemical contamination is defined as an addition or appearance of different detergents or substances at higher concentration considered to be unhealthy and usually found in places, like your workplace, home, water, animals, food, and of course the environment. In some scenarios some of the chemical are treated as less dangerous, but in other can lead to severe poisoning or, in chronic (long-term) illness, it can also damage human organs.

  • Must store containers and chemicals in privately and secured area.

  • Provide regular checks for damages, leaks.

  • Lock containers at all times when not in use.

  • Make sure spill kit is provided close to storage locations.

  • Must abide by COSHH assessments.

  • Do ensure bulk chemicals storage tanks are bunded and that the bund has a capacity of 120% of the tank.

Remember: Don’t discharge chemicals remains into surface water drains. Only in foul water drains or flush down toile is foul water is not available.


How to deal with spills?

If spills occur, we must contain the spill by constructing a bund around the spill to stop it spreading and contaminating land or water sources.  Do Stop Work and act immediately is spill appear. Don’t hide the incident, must ensure it is reported to manager or control implemented person.

  • Try to prevent the spread.

  • Neutralize bases perhaps acids if you can.

  • Be in control the spread of the liquid.

  • Try to absorb the substance.

  • Collect clean-up residues.

  • Must dispose of the wastes.

  • Decontamination of the affected area.


Creating an excessive noise can damage relationship with your neighbours or general public, it could be very irritating for them and it will generate unnecessary tension and worry. In many scenarios’ workers making the noise are unsuspecting that they are creating a real issue and therefore it can be settled out frankly fast. Noise is defined as noise produced from loud shouting, working machinery, DIY, and other.

  • Don’t leave vehicle engines running unnecessarily.

  • Avoid shouting on site or have noisy radios on.

  • Always be polite.

  • Always consider the public.

  • Do take notice of any complaints made by general public, neighbours etc.

  • Pass it to manager or supervisor.


This is really important issue; therefore, we must ensure all lighting, heating and other electrical equipment is switched off when not in use. Prior to that, we must avoid unnecessary vehicle movements and journeys. Try to use public transport, cycle or walk to work when possible. Do recycle and reuse products where possible.

Remember: Everyone goal should be to reduce the quantity of energy needed to provide products or services.