Very often the environment in which we work has the potential to be dangerous if you are not careful and vigilant during the course of any cleaning operation. There are many hazards that you may encounter throughout your shift that has the potential to cause an unpleasant accident.

These are easily avoided by working safely and looking for following:

  • Slips, trips and falls -always be aware of trailing leads, damaged, worn or uneven floors/ stairs, spills etc.

  • Detergents – always check the COSHH assessment and wear the recommended PPE, safety glasses and protective gloves should be the minimum.

  • Electricity – always carry out pre-use check and look for any damage when using electrical equipment, never mix water with electrical hazards.

  • Hygiene – always follow the implemented colour coding system of work, always wash your hands thoroughly especially before eating.

  • Cleaning Equipment – make sure that the machinery is tested and tagged, guards are fitted and that the equipment is in acceptable and safe condition.

  • Hot weather – ensure you are hydrated, drink plenty of water, plan your work and activities, take regular breaks, even if you work in office etc.

  • Working close to escalators – professional and educated cleaner must do not work on moving escalators, be aware of falling risks when working on escalators.


How to check if cleaning equipment is in safe and working condition.

  • In date PAT label.

  • If the machinery is clean.

  • Cables are free from damages and they are safe to use.

  • All safety features are working.

  • Cleaners equipment is suitable to carry out the specific task for which it is intended.

Before start working, all cleaning staff has a duty to properly check any equipment before proceeding with their duties. The most important is that when we eliminate hazards, we must get rid of it completely. This rule must be followed to minimise and eliminate hazards at client premises, work place, any house environment, communal areas etc.

Good Housekeeping is Vital to Keep Client’s House/ Office Premises Clean and Tidy.

Professional housekeeping is vital to client’s homes, business premises, residential blocks, lobbies etc. It refers to management of chores associated in running of a household so those can be performed by maid to order cleaner, office cleaner etc. They must always keep the site clean and tidy, this is essential to safe working environment, the cleaner and tidier the workplace the safer it is.

Cleaners must always:

  • Be careful where you are stepping and when walking on uneven grounds.

  • Tidy up the areas around you.

  • Clean and tidy all storage areas.

  • Make sure walkways, stairways, and fire routes are kept clear.

  • Ensure storage areas are kept secure.

  • Mop up spills immediately.

  • Leave enough time at the end of the shift to clean down machinery and equipment used.

  • Report damages, equipment, remove it from service.

  • Report any hazards that you have identified during the course of your work.

Conclusions: Functional housekeeping can achieve control or eradicate workplace threat at work. Poor housekeeping management repeatedly contribute to various incidents.