You want to hire an end of tenancy cleaners and your time at the property is up. This sounds like an uphill chore and you don’t have an idea where you can find recommended cleaning team.  That is why we have tailored for clients a list of essential 5 top hints for booking a professional cleaning service provider, and we truly expect that our list will help you steer clear and keep you away from any unpleasant surprises.

  • Tip #1 Cheaper services aren’t always better.

  • Tip #2 Read customer feedbacks.

  • Tip #3 Find tried or tested service.

  • Tip #4 Prompt reply, better service.

  • Tip #5 Service is guaranteed 100%.

Cheaper services aren’t always better.

Book cleaning on discounted price, but don’t go for cheap one.
By Murphy’s law, everybody knows that going cheap, means that you will end up probably paying more. It is paramount to ponder economically, try to snap up a fine deal when booking a cleaning job. Major task is to formalise the boundary between reasonable and ‘cheap’ service. Here at Canary Wharf Cleaners we’ve customised an affordable rate of £99.00 for a studio flat end of tenancy clean. We always bargain based affordable rates. Our prices carry on being competitive, while offering professional service, due to our authenticity and commitment in everything we do.

Read customer feedbacks.

Customers reviews reflect the service.
Customer reviews providing a real picture about a company approach. The better cleaning company service is consistently endorsed with admiring consumer reviews and substantial recognition. Businesses should be loud-and-proud about their customer feedbacks.  We’ve also been broadly recognised through the letting agents and property management circles.

Find Tried of Tested Service.

Look no further than Canary Wharf Cleaners.


End of tenancy cleaning is a very much personalised service, but it is delivered in a unique way to each house by acknowledging their individuality or specifications. You’re booking someone service, after all, so it is obligatory for you to be certain that you’re receiving a professional, not elementary service. If you want booking your top cleaners look for the following hints which might help:

  • Cleaners guarantee policy for the tenancy cleaning service.

  • End of tenancy check list.

  • Detailed emailed of verbal instructions from the cleaning team to ensure that you might have to prepare certain things before they arrive (defrost refrigerator).

  • Free of charge return cleaner policy for re- clean.

  • Always familiar yourself their customer feedback.

  • Search for photos from previous jobs.

  • Make sure their correspondence with you beforehand is prompt.

All these points above can guide you really well before choosing professional cleaning company.

Prompt Reply, Better Service?

Customers are fundamental part of every business. Without them you don’t have much of a business – so it’s of significant importance to keep them satisfied and pleased. National statistic found that 55 % of business companies do not respond to customer emails or queries and according to Accenture 68% of customers say they’ve replaced service providers because of delivering appalling customer service.

Canary Wharf Cleaners stands out against the rival cleaning companies in East London, E14 areas by simply responding to customers queries fast and in professional manner. Our quick approach provides a customer service advantage.

  • Clients do not need to wait long to get a quote.

  • Service is delivered within the agreed timescale.

  • Tenancy check list send on time.

  • Cleaning teams turn up on agreed time.

  • Decisions from our company are made fast.

  • Pre and Post advising and reporting all matters to the service.

  • Constant access to our customer service.

Conducting our services on time and professionally define our standards. We value and respect our customers, you “the client” are the most valuable asset.  


Service is guaranteed 100%.

Booking tenancy cleaners is key to save you energy and give you an extra time packing up your stuff and moving it to the new property.  We aim to serve professionally and in a friendly manner, we do guarantee our end of tenancy cleaning service 100%. This could give client boost and confidence to book with us. Our unconditional service guarantee is easy to understand and communicate.  What includes our guarantee policy?

  • Fixed customised price for the clean.

  • Provide you with professional service 100%

  • Follow letting agent’s and landlord’s checklist and requirements 100%.

  • Complete job within agreed time 100%.

  • Send a cleaner Free of charge for re-clean 100%.

  • Re-clean is arranged promptly if needed 100%.

To re assure our clients in regards to this service, we are rarely get called back from letting agents or landlords for re-clean. Our other policy is to complete every job to high standards everyone expects from us.

If you’re looking not only for recommended but also for a reliable, 5-star end of tenancy cleaning services then look no further; Please check with us for availability.