Remove Juice Stain our of Carpet

Cleaning Solutions

What you’ll need for both?

Detergent Cleaning Solution Vinegar Solution
1.    Small glass bowl

2.     1 cup warm water

3.     1/4 teaspoon mild dish soap

4.     Dry clean microfiber cloth

5       Vacuum cleaners


1. Small glass bowl

2. 3 Tablespoons white vinegar

3. 5 Cups warm water

4 Dry clean microfiber cloth

5 Bottle spray

How to remove fruit juice stain out of carpet:

  • Vacuum up any dry particles, fluff and mites. Then blot and scoop us as much of the spillage as possible with a clean microfibre cloth.

  • Make sure to prepare both cleaning solutions above, starting with the first on the list.

  • Perform a small test with the first carpet cleaning solution on a tiny, inconspicuous sector of carpet. This is to to make certain the ready to go solution doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage to the carpet!

  • Spray enough solution to the cloth, and use the cloth to apply the solution directly onto the affected area. For finest outcome, try to work out from the edge or outside of the stain going inwards toward the centre of the stain.

  • Leave the cleaning solution on the spill for at least five to ten minutes.

  • Blot with a clean white microfibre cloth until the stain no longer passes on juice fruit coloured solution. Never rub the stained area, or you might harm an extensive damage to the carpet fibres!

  • Rinse the spot with cold water, making sure all excess residue and moisture is nicely eliminated from the carpet.

  • If the stain still appears after the first clean, repeat the process numerous timed until it is completely removed, or no longer transfers colours to the lean cloth.

  • If the stain is visible and remain, dilute the next solution on the list and follow steps from 3-8 above. If the stain remains again after trying both carpet cleaning solutions, contact a professional carpet cleaner if you see these 6 signs that your carpet is dirty.

  • If you have the chance to get rid of the stain, make sure to lay white paper towel sheets onto the treated area to soak up any extra moisture and residue. Weigh down the towel sheets with a heavy glass or ceramic object, make sure in uncoloured, and let them sit the whole day or overnight.

  • Once carpet is air-dry, vacuum the clean sector to restore the texture. You may want to groom the carpet too.

  • Job is completed. You did it!