Why Book Professional Block Cleaning Services and Communal Cleaners?

How the communal are cleaning services in residential blocks are defined?

  • The difference between Canary Wharf Cleaners and other cleaning companies is that we grow continuously, our customer base increases every year. The thing is that we look after our customers and helping them to achieve their plans and goals.

  • Our communal block cleaning exceeds every client expectation. Yet, this is not all, we are loyal to existing customers and we offer way cheaper cleaning services. So, they don’t need spending most of their budgets.

  • The biggest challenges for our cleaning company is to maintain professional cleaning standards. We have tailored and shared few practical solutions to different residential blocks, so our cleaners can upkeep cleanliness within those over the long-term.

For cleaners who work in commercial cleaning sector, the number one priority is to maintain high standards.  To do this, they need to be hardworking, proactive which, in turn, means – they need to perform at their best constantly.

As a result, very often customer get so focused on their usual business activity or relaxation. Yet, we keep on improving time and again. Allow me to remind you of just great fact: according to researcher’s contamination rate from bacteria on different surfaces:


So, what’s the outtake?

You need to keep on trying work hard, pay attention to detail continuously.

Having an effective game plan gives us the ability to identify, track problems fast so customers can rest assured that we are most likely the top cleaning contractor around in long term.  As a business, we try consciously invest in customer satisfaction, because we feel it as the biggest earnings driver.

Block Property Management Cleaning of Communal Areas Is Mandatory!

Not every cleaning business is the same.

Many companies having it the easiest and most predictable way of providing their service. They don’t care too much, they are money orientated, we are customer orientated. We deliver our Common Areas Cleaning right under client’s nose. We like to be visible; we like to talk and to listen to customers.  We try to go an extra mile for existing customers as they have already bought from us.

Here are 5 areas in residential block cleaning that we will take care for an existing customer.

  1. Corridor cleaning. This is the most popular service. Communal areas need periodical cleaning. Tasks in the corridors will be sweeping floors, dusting skirting boards, wiping down the entry door internally and externally, floor mopping. On request we provide also floor scrubbing, polishing and buffing. Client can have confidence in our product as we are contracted to many businesses and we do maintain their properties clean and tidy.
  2. Staircase Cleaning.  Our cleaners spend reasonable time and effort cleaning handrails, kick plates on doors, steps, landings, walls etc. Thorough dusting is essential. At the very end vacuum clean and floor mopping will bring the staircase in pristine condition.
  3. Outside Entry Area. We won’t forget the outside entry area which accumulates lot of dust, cobwebs and leaves. External entry door cleaning, wiping glass, door handle and emergency lighting. Sweeping the outside perimeter will be dominant for visitors and residents. Will we meet client expectations? Were we good value for money? Yes, we guarantee!
  4. Bin Area Cleaning. Cleaning and disinfecting the bin area is essential for residents. We will sweep, dust top of the bins, jet wash bin floor, we will rearrange bins, we will recycle properly.
  5. Carpet Cleaning. For existing customers, we offer periodical / annual carpet cleaning at reduced price. Client will save a lot of money if they outsource to us their communal block cleaning, because we offer twice a year emergency carpet cleaning in case of spillage or accident. We will pre-spray, deep clean carpeted areas and will treat and remove stains with professional carpet cleaning. Client should not underestimate also the actual value of our customer support, dedication and professional approach. We tend to stick to the numbers bellow:

Canary Wharf Cleaners are always way ahead of schedule and proactive.  In other words – as customers you have best shot to book our communal area cleaning service.


Even though that we are Canary Wharf best cleaning contractor, we are not happy when losing customers, because finding new ones is too expensive. For that reason, we try to be efficient, prompt and professional. And if you in search for new cleaners in the area and you want to replace existing ones, this give you a great chance to book Canary Wharf Cleaners as they are more likely to upkeep you commercial or residential premises. And in order to make it happen, you need to get in touch with us via email or call on 02031375933.

We provide this service not only to private residential households, but for customers like Property Management Companies, Letting Agents, Freeholders, Leaseholders and Landlords. We are also happy to grow the cleaning service and we undertake from that whole portfolio: like apartment cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning etc.

How do we keep existing customers satisfied?

Well this is personally tailored way to provide a service. We try not to disappoint. The more customers we retain, the higher our profits will be. Sign up and get free no obligation quote.