Waking up and you cannot wait to have a cup of tea in the grey morning.  What would we do without the hot cuppa in the early hours? These kinds of thoughts probably go through everyone’s head every morning. But they quickly vanish, though, as soon as your child decides to run around the living room than somehow push the bedside table and turn the tea cup on to the carpet. Your heart skips a bit and you are badly surprised. This is massive damage to the recently renovated carpet of yours.

But bear with us for a moment, we can provide you with 5 top tips to eliminate a tea stain from the carpets.

A table of contents:

  • Method A: Using vinegar.

  • Method B: Using washing up liquid.

  • Method C: Using salt.

  • Method D: Using sodium bicarbonate (CHNaO).

  • Method E: Using specialist help.

Before we start, proceed and explain how to clean tea stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery we have responsibility to guide through the world of the tea itself:


Why spilled tea stain?

Black tea comprises the most tannins, which makes black tea gloomy in colour than other teas, for example herbals. However, not all dark teas are dingy because of tannins. But take for an example a cup which is not washed day after day, stain building process kicks in, after sometime is seemingly impossible task to get rid of it. Principle cause for it: of course, tannins.

But keep in mind: to go ahead start right away, act fast when first you discover spill on carpets.

Clean tea stains on carpets using most conventional way.

As stated by “United Kingdom Tea and Infusions Association”, British population drink around 60.2 billion cups annually. There are thousand type of teas nowadays and perhaps same amount stain types. But rest assured, with this knowledgeable article we will try to help and explain standard means of cleaning tea stains from fabrics aka carpets, by utilising commonly household commodities.

How to eliminate a tea stain from carpets using white vinegar.

The magnificent stuff vinegar is widely used in the food industry, cleaning industry and beauty treatment therapies. With vinegar you can clean everything and also a tea stain. To practice that you must have need of white vinegar, warm water and empty bottle with a trigger spray plus a piece of clean cloth. This method speaks volumes.

  • Get it done with a mix, 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups warm water.

  • Fill the spray bottle with the mixture.

  • Spray the affected area with the ready mixed solution.

  • Carefully rub in, then wipe with a clean microfibre cloth.

  • In case it needs more attention, please repeat the operation once again.

  • At the end clean up by rinsing with cold water.

  • Job done, you will have a cleaner carpet.


How to eliminate a tea stain from your carpets by using washing up liquid.

Washing up liquid or simply dish soap is something else which could help to remove tea stains. You want to know how it is done? Follow up next five easy steps.

  • Get yourself prepared with a little bit of washing up liquid, white vinegar, warm water, a microfibre cloth, and a sponge.

  • Wet the stain with mixed solution 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid, 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.

  • Apply the mixture, work the solution into the stain by gently scrubbing it with cloth.

  • Repeat couple of more times.

  • Dip a clean cloth into plain cold water, try rinse the spot.

  • Blot it dry with another cloth.

How to eliminate a tea stain off carpets by using salt.

Cleaning a tea stain from carpets with salt is additional ingenious and inexpensive method. Before you start get ready with half a cup of salt, an absorbent pad and a glass of carbonated water (soda).

  • Cover the affected area with salt.

  • Then, top it off with carbonated water.

  • Repeat if needed.

  • Finally rinse with cold water, repeat until stain disappears permanently.

How to eliminate a tea stain from your carpet with sodium bicarbonate.

Basically, sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda is broadly used as a part of different cleaning products. It can help enormously to get rid of tea stain when is used independently. What you will need for this treatment would be a cup full baking soda substance itself plus a dry cloth.

  • Soak up the stain with a cotton.

  • Make the cloth damp, dip it into the baking soda.

  • Then, you must apply it onto the stained area.

  • Repeat both steps until you are pleased with the outcome.

  • Rinse the affected area.

  • Final rinse using cold water, then try to dry it up with a clean cloth.

Professional carpet cleaning specialist help and advice.

The safest path to proceed to, when you have a stain, is to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

Our cleaning company use the widest spread carpet cleaning method. Hot water extraction is a way recommended by biggest fabric manufacturers across the country. This famous method brings out stains from most carpets. Following steps are followed by our carpets cleaning technicians:

  • Pre-treatment of the affected area.

  • Using the Steem Pro 2000 with double suctions.

  • Solution is spread deep into the carpet fibre.

  • Double suction is on and solution is extracted together with water and filth.

  • Deodorise carpets.

Book us, by using our online booking form, availabilities and prices.

Disclaimer: All of the cleaning methods above are tried and tested, but we cannot guarantee that every tea stain will disappear after using anyone of those methods.  This may vary and it really depends on the nature of the carpet fibre and age of the stain. Remember is not always possible to remove a tea stain. Our company cannot be hold responsible if you tried and any of those methods didn’t worked.