If you live in a City apartment around Canary Wharf, you are probably stranded like many other residents in nearby buildings, with only outdoor area a balcony worth just few square meters. With spring season just around the corner, I thought I’d re-arrange some furniture by bringing new ideas and improving few details into perspective trying making balcony better looking outdoor area. That is why I would love to share with you following awesome hints:

Determine the purpose of your balcony you want to use for.

You can enjoy the space as a dining area, to get sun tanned during sunny days or just a place where you relax with your laptop or read a magazine. Here is the challenge: in this confined balcony with limited space I doubt you dare to bring and lay everything inside! 

What is your aim?

  • Do you see the balcony as an outside dining space?

  • A secluded place to relax, read, watch a TV?

  • As your greenish plant area.

  • Or a space filled to the brink with furniture?

Having a clear idea and vision will help you decorate the space fast and smooth.

Plan and Measure the balcony

Draw your actual plans into a piece of paper. Having drawn it in advance before start bringing all stuff will allow you to find the most coherent arrangement. Balconies are usually small scaled outside I could say pockets. With clear imagination and effort, it will be worth looking into some space saving ideas to create contemporary accent.

  • Clips attached on to your railings to attach tables.

  • Folding small furniture.

  • Wall mounted furniture pieces.

  • Seating furniture located to the balcony edge.

  • Vertical garden design.

  • Hanging baskets.

Add a unique piece of furniture, colourful cushions

Colour will inspirit a basic balcony, it will also provide a swift and functional way of introducing intense colour to a design. Bring in colour cushions, many colour flowers, pots with greenery or even lay down a colourful floor runner, anything like those will enlighten the outside space.

Use the space wisely

Overfilling the balcony with unusable stuff is not endorsed. Balconies are tiny, usually of simple design and making maximum use of their space is persistently advocated. For instance, if you assemble the plants on the balcony, make sure you are familiar where the bright sunny and shaded aka darkened areas are during the day. I would consider more specific conditions such as strength and treats of the wind, don’t forget to think carefully how to water drain.

Think about lighting

In the evening you can relax on your balcony as well. Brining lighting is important it will add more levels of colour and warmth. Get a divergent light of delicate quality. Look into appealing colourful wall lights from Tiffany Lighting Company. All of their products are precisely handmade. They will all add up to and enhance your existing colour strategies.

Get eccentric

The pivot of your balcony is dining table and dining chairs. But here it comes small- scaled details, they are key that sets you apart from the other balconies in Canary Wharf.

  • Install small flower pots in all corners.

  • Bring unique and appealing furniture.

  • Add a bar along the edge of your balcony.

  • Laying out faux grass really makes difference.

  • Add a bamboo matting.

  • Add a geometric art piece.

So, the list goes on and on. Small balconies can really be appealing and completive to the big balconies. Don’t be afraid to get quirky.

A small tea table and couple of chairs can convert tiny open balcony into relaxing retreat or an extraordinary spot to enjoy your evening glass of wine. But essential part is the comfort. A touch of bamboo along one wall, floor cushions or even a small colourful rug are very much inviting indeed. At the end it is your own little corner of the world!