Our bedrooms are usually overlooked. They are very important in our lives as they provide us a safe space where we can go to anytime of the day. Our bedrooms allow us to recharge and get the relevant energy needed to do our tasks throughout the day without a clean bedroom, we often can feel more distressed and less at ease.

  • 1. They can provide mental health benefits. If you have a cleaner room you will feel more relaxed and at ease instead of stressed at all the wreckage in your room. A cluttered room can make you feel more on edge and angry. A clean room in the morning will be beneficial for a much smoother start to your day as you won’t be struggling to find the things you need for the day and it will not delay you for school, work or any other errands you must get a hold of. Meaning that you will have a happier state of mind.

  • 2. A clean and cleared bed is a comfortable bed. The average adult must get around 8 hours of sleep to function well the next day. Therefore, this provides an even bigger reason to why having a clean room is important. A study which was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) concluded that the people who washed their bedding and sheets on a regular basis exclaimed that 19% of candidates had better rest at night than those who didn’t care about the hygiene of the bedding. This can prevent mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety and as a result improve your quality of life

  • 3. It can help you reduce wasting money. Instead of giving your money away for another fancy restaurant or shopping with your friends, you will be more encouraged to head home to your bed and relax. Having a messy bedroom will have you feel stressed before even going home to try and avoid all the clutter! Therefore, when you have a cleaner room you will want to go home as soon as possible!

  • 4. The frequency of your productivity will increase. By ensuring you have a clean and organised room will make you doing your tasks easier and more efficient. Meaning not only will you get more done, but you’ll get it done more quickly! This can contribute to a better self-esteem and combat procrastination!