wardrobe Organizing

Living and working in the City of London can be hectic. Residential cleaning services like ours, therefore, play a key role in helping busy professionals stay better organized. Did you know, though, that our domestic cleaners can also help you better organize your wardrobe?

Benefits of Maintaining an Organized Closet

By maintaining a clutter-free bedroom and better-organized wardrobe, city workers can dress smarter and get ready faster, even on the most manic Monday’s. Here, our Canary Wharf cleaners, therefore, share their top tips when it comes to better wardrobe management.

Completely Empty and Clean Your Closet

If your wardrobe usually looks like a bull has crashed through it, the easiest way to get better organized is to empty and clean your closet. Residential cleaning services like ours can help you do this. However, only you know how you like to dress. In this case, it pays to schedule time to do a full clear out yourself.

  • Dispense with clothes and accessories you rarely wear, especially if the last time you wore a garment was over six months ago

  • Separate remaining clothing items into work and casual wear

  • Deep clean your closet by vacuuming and wiping down all rails and shelves

  • When restocking your wardrobe, hang garments in four sections. Specifically, sections categorized as regular work and casual wear, and occasional work and casual wear

Stack Thicker Garments Rather Than Hang Them

When organizing a wardrobe, always make sure to stack garments composed of thicker and heavier fabrics. Doing this frees hanging space and prevents closet ‘clumping’ of outfits.

Consider Using Storage Boxes

As a top house cleaning company in Poplar East London, we’re no stranger to closets where storage space is eaten up by racks of t-shirts, shorts, and other non-essentials. Because smaller casual wear items are also a top cause of clutter, it can be advantageous to rollup items like t-shirts before storing these in removable storage boxes.

Keep Regular Work & Casual Wear at Eye Level

At Canary Wharf Cleaners, we see it all the time. Busy professionals rampage through closets in the morning, pulling out almost everything until they find a specific item. As domestic cleaners, we’ve got no problem tidying such clutter. However, one way to find things easier can be to keep any items you regularly wear at eye level. Doing this makes it easy to grab outfits and accessories in seconds, and can shave considerable time from your morning dress routine.

Maximize Your Closets Vertical Storage Space Capacity

If you are not already making the most of potential vertical storage space in your closet, now is the time to do so. Shelves and stacked storage boxes make it easy to store shoes, accessories, and non-everyday items, in an easy de-cluttered way. Just remember to keep regularly worn items in boxes and on shelves at eye level.

A de-cluttered home is a happy home. This being the case, if you find the above tips useful, remember to follow us on social media for more top cleaning tips, straight from London’s most popular local house cleaning company.