office-cleaner-delMutual trust and faith between both supplier and client are some of the most precious qualities, especially when it comes to choosing a professional office cleaning company for your business premises. Letting untrained and unprofessional operatives in your office building, entrusting them to run and maintain cleanliness is not an easy choice and it can be risky. For that reason, we wanted to start introducing some of our employees through our website so clients can recognize the professional cleaners coming into their premise’s straightaway.

Meet the team: This month cleaner of the month is hardworking professional Del, Congratulations Del! We want to introduce Del to you, she specializes in office, house, and end of tenancy cleaning. Del has been working for the company for the last 5 years and speaks 3 languages fluently. Since her arrival in the United Kingdom, she has been very reliable, efficient and hardworking. She has been contributing a lot with 5-star reviews regularly left for her from happy clients. Del serves clients in Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf, Docklands and Isle of Dogs areas.

One of our best-loved reviews from Del happy clientele: Martie Martenson

“We loved the cleaners, they were friendly and well organised. Finished the tenancy clean just on time, and they did a very good job. Landlord was pleased overall, and we were the most happiest people when we got our deposit back. I got to find company which can guarantee the job and ….I got it spot on with this guys they cover Canary Wharf are. Booked easy, the girl on the phone was really helpful, explained everything I needed to know, also she advised to defrost the freezer prior arrival of the team. We had the carpets steam cleaned, most of the stains gone, just a wine stain didn’t go off, but in anyway landlord was still alright with the place. Could recommend to all my friends if they need a moving out clean.”

Del: Since my arrival in the UK I wanted to try and find a job within the cleaning industry. So, I started looking for opportunities and a friend of mine recommended to me your company.

Del: For me personally the flexible hours. This gives me the spare time I need for my college. Also, the company accommodated me for a very long time and I feel at ease and very comfortable working for you.

Del: A couple of years back, it was this client who travels forth and back from North England. He uses to have a dog call Berthie. After one clean he sent an email in the office and picture of his dogs, saying that the dog is also sending thank me a big ”Thank You’ ‘for the clean. That was really sweet.

Del: Since I’ve started working for Canary Wharf Cleaners, I’ve been very busy indeed. My week goes on from Monday to Friday work and college! I follow a very strict schedule and having days off during the weekend, I am happy this way it makes me occupied.

Del: I am waking up at 6.30 am. Having a cup, a coffee, then I starting work at 8 am for office cleaning. After that, I have to visit a couple of houses. Once I finish at 5 pm I start college lessons.

Del: Well, my spare time is only during the weekend. I like the most to chill out and relax with my family. During my annual leave, I love to take on travel. I use to live in Greece for 10 years so I do travel a lot to Athens quite regularly.

Del: My favourite limescale remover is Viakal spray. I have been using it in my bathroom cleaning duties. This cleaning product is easy to use, doesn’t damage taps, chrome ornaments, shower head, glass shower door, when used correctly and when you are trained. I personally think that this is the best limescale remover I have worked with so far. It can be used on domestic and commercial cleaning jobs.

We at Canary Wharf Cleaners would like to thank Del for her professionalism and hard work. We wish her the very best. Big thank you, Del!