How to book professional cleaning company

When you are trying to find professional cleaning company to do for you end of tenancy cleaning job, it might take a little bit longer to provide a thorough research to find one. Look what possible options the company could offer to clients. Are they fully equipped? If the company can deliver service in short period of time, is the service is guaranteed? All these are important factors prior to hiring professional cleaners. What you have to consider:

  • Guaranteed cleaning service.

  • Fast completion

  • Best cleaning materials

  • Can suit clients in the last minute

  • Free re-clean if called back

  • Throughout cooperation

  • Professional cleaning equipment

  • Can offer different types of cleaning services

How much does professional cleaning cost?

Property Size End of Tenancy Price EOT plus Carpet Cleaning Price
One Bedroom From £145.00 £170.00
Two Bedroom From £170.00 £240.00
Three Bedroom From £190.00 £265.00
Four Bedroom From £220.00 £320.00

Professional Cleaning Company Will Deliver Best Service

You don’t need to spend a lot to book a professional cleaner.  But here is the minimum the company should provide itself:

  • Experienced cleaning teams with great expertise, must be fully trained, fully equipped and know how to work on with latest cleaning equipment, machinery and proper use of cleaning detergents.

  • Clear understanding for the cleaners what they have to do and what clients expect. They have to meet certain cleaning standards. The company must provide supervision on current contracts or jobs and monitor their staff performances and their efficiency.

  • Offer professional steam carpet cleaning service.

  • Carpet cleaner should be trained and in possession of the latest carpet cleaning machines and he should be able to determine Ph of the carpet stains and the treatment they need.

  • Must provide professional oven cleaning and this should be included in the final price if you booking tenancy cleaning.

  • The job must be completed withing the agreed timeframe and all standards should be met.

Deposit back guaranteed with the help of professional cleaning company.

Booking professional cleaning company is significant step for the factual outcome. If you hired the company to perform move out clean this is where comes the part that you will need to get your deposit back. And certainly, hiring a professional one will definitely assist you with this. How to find one? Look for positive feedback, read their reviews, gather recommendations from friends, colleagues, or relatives. Pay attention to the negative reviews, they will provide broad picture of the way the cleaning company conducts its activities. Ask for guaranteed free re-clean, in case freeholder, landlord or letting agent is not pleased with the cleaning service. You expect nothing but the company to be punctual. Saving time is important as well. You will

What is the final expectation? The property should be thoroughly cleaned, carpets should be professionally steam cleaned by the latest high-end equipment. Cleaning checklist followed correctly, and standards met. Must be aware that failing to leave your property clean after you moving out, may result in your landlord deducting from you deposit. You can read more here how often we should clean carpets and why ? 

* NOTE:  Ask the cleaning company if they can provide thorough deodorising once carpets have been washed, also ask for the approximate drying time of the carpets as you want to avoid then being damp on the actual day of the checkout.