Movin’ on up the London property ladder?

Are you a renter preparing to move into your first owned home? Alternatively, are you an East London landlord preparing to re-list a vacant property?

If you are vacating a rental property or looking to entice new tenants, it will always be in your interest to reach out to a residential cleaning company. This is due to the fact that end of tenancy cleaning is about more than just whizzing around with a vacuum.

Why End of Tenancy House Cleaning & Oven Cleaning is Vital

The benefits of professional check-out cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning are simple:

Sadly, not all London commercial cleaning companies offer the same standard of end of tenancy cleaning services. Many in fact, will completely omit cleaning ovens and kitchen appliances. – Thankfully, we don’t.

Oven Cleaning 101

The kitchen is the quintessential heart of the home. Because of this, a dirty oven will always leave a negative impression on prospective property tenants.

Thankfully, at Canary Wharf Cleaners, we know important professional cleanliness is when it comes rental market properties. This is why all of our end of tenancy cleaning packages include professional oven cleaning and degreasing as standard.

  • When house cleaning, we thoroughly degrease cooking tops and oven interiors

  • We use professional, eco-friendly detergents to shift even the most stubborn cooking top and interior oven debris

  • As well as oven interiors and surfaces, we clean and degrease cooker hoods, backsplash tiling, and surrounding linoleum

  • We use only material appropriate detergents and degreasing agents, so as not to damage chrome, glass, or ceramic ovens and cooking tops

  • We guarantee a uniform level of professional cleanliness in and around all kitchen fixtures and fittings


Our Cleaning Services London & You

As professional commercial cleaners, we know what a headache pre-tenancy and post-tenancy cleaning can be. The good news, though, is that if you’re moving out, we can help your property stand out for all the right reasons.

Included as standard in all of our end of tenancy cleaning packages, we don’t fuss or charge extra for making your kitchen sparkle. We just get right down to business so that you can get on with your business as usual.

Our Reputation is Spotless – Call us Today to Find out Why

Are you in need of a house cleaning miracle? If so, don’t wait to get your property ship shape and sparkling. Simply call or contact Canary Wharf Cleaners today to benefit from our genuinely no-fuss approach to residential cleaning excellence.