Cleaning home is really one of those tiresome activities most people do not want to engage in; this is because of the traditional methods used in tiding up our properties. We are here to offer you few traditional methods and instead booking a cleaner, here you get hold of seven hints and tricks to sparkle most of the essential parts of our home. Make your home a better place with following tasks you should try out.


Clean Your Washing Machine

This is the last place most people would want to clean since they believe there is always detergents and water inside it whenever it is being used, but the sad truth is, this machine contains harmful bacteria from the clothes that were washed. If you think that your washing machine needs an intensive clean up then cleaning the washer should not be a problem; here is the trick, just pour hot water mixed with 50 ml neat bleach into the machine drawer and run the engine. Bacteria is gone, and the machine is cleaner than ever.

Important Please Read! You must never mix a bleach with any other chemical.

More Tips: Once you done it, you are relaxed no more bacteria. But what else you can do to keep the washer in good shape.

  • Clean the drawer from time to time.

  • Take care and clean the washing machine filter.

  • Clean the interior and especially the drum.

  • Try to run at least one hot circle a week.

  • Use descaling tablets to descale any accumulation.

  • Never leave a laundry inside to stay overnight.

wahing machine

Dirty Shower Head

Shower heads can be really spotty and dirty, proving difficult to clean because of its almost not visible holes. Dirty shower head contains harmful bacteria that can eventually lead to respiratory impediments, so the cleaning should be taken very seriously. For the interior of the shower head, you can get a plumber to fix that, but the exterior is a DIY project. Here is the trick to get the bacteria out and the shower head clean, get a plastic sandwich bag filled with vinegar and attach it to the shower head with a rubber band or a rope and let it stay all through the night.

Important Please Read! Aggressive and powerful cleaning detergents may damage your shower head and are not recommended for cleaning without being trained or have an experience of using any of those.

Get the Sparkle Out of Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink will surely have a blur color and bacterial lingering around if you constantly give it the traditional cleaning using traditional cleaners also. Do you want to get the sparkle of the kitchen sink back again? Here is our little trick:

You can produce your stainless steel “detergent” yourself to get bacteria out. What you need: 

  • Table salt.

  • Baking Soda.

  • Original Sugar Shaker.

This solution is very valuable at removing limescale, stains made of tannins, stains from tea or coffee, at the end get some wax paper and polish the sink to remove that dull appearance. Once the task is completed it will leave your sink shining.

Getting Your Microwave Cleaned

The microwave can be really difficult to clean especially when it has some sort of greasy points, dried up food spills in it, you will need extra effort to get these stains out, but it becomes easy when you use the trick. Here is the trick, put a few tablespoons of vinegar into a bowl, add water and put it inside the microwave, run the microwave and let it heat up, put it off and those tough-to-get-out stains are soft, you can now clean it up easily.

Microwave Your Sponge to Disinfect

Sponges are used to clean virtually every utensil in the kitchen, meaning they just pick up bacteria from everywhere, and the problem here is they don’t pick and keep all of it, they pick bacteria, spread some and keep some, so you have to constantly disinfect your sponge. It’s one of the easiest tricks, just make sure there are no metals in your sponge then microwave the sponge for a minute and a half at the highest power of the microwave.


The kind of mop used in moping a house really matters when it comes to avoiding bacteria; the traditional wet mop used in homes tends to spread bacteria all over the place. The recommended mop that does the trick is the microfiber mops.

Lemons in Garbage

The garbage in the house can produce quite an awful smell when it is opened, even if it is outside the house it still does not have to smell all that bad, the trick to keeping your garbage smell under control is very easy, get some lemon fruit, cut them up and squeeze them into the garbage disposal, this would minimize the awful smell.

Apply these tricks using the necessary cleaners and make your home clean again with an easy cleaning process.