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In the past few years, Canary Wharf Cleaners popularity has soared; winning hundreds of new customers in E14 and surrounding boroughs. Rapidly growing with impressive range of cleaning services we went to help and to improve the state of cleanliness in many residential and business premises in East London.
Every house or office in the city faces difficulties with regard to the cleaning. That is why we have taken charge of this important task.  And where a private apartment starts that one part of the luxurious buildings like Pan Peninsula, Ontario building and The Landmark will be comprehensively cleaned. The professional approach of Canary Wharf Cleaners respectable cleaning provider for Isle of Dogs, Docklands and Poplar is probably the top cleaning company than any other in our city of London.

Going further, our management team provides significant number of complimentary cleaning packages to existing and new clients, including some of the letting agents we serve. The price reductions and giveaways affect domestic cleaning service for premium locations, carpet cleaning booked together with end of tenancy cleaning for moving in or out tenants but not those for office cleaning service.

     Quality of all our services are fully guaranteed!  Call us on 0203 137 5933!



Over all, Canary Wharf Cleaning Team policy represents bonding relationship between us and customer in which our services underline the greatness and the effectiveness of our cleaners. The sight of messy apartment and houses it’s not new thing for them. Once invited to perform an end of tenancy clean or spring cleaning them causing huge impact and make clear that the team will leave your place with sight in some unbelievably neat condition.

Canary Wharf Cleaners had long had policies to ensure employees ‘and public safety with addressed Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance reinforced every year in our company’s guidelines. These polices made us to monitor and check compliance in our office and domestic cleaning staff every month and this will help to keep many of our cleaners in Canary Wharf safe and healthy on the job. This is a strong message from our company which provides safe working conditions.

We have cleaned many properties in the most popular residential buildings in Canary Wharf. The Landmarks, Pan Peninsula, Saint David’s Square, New Providence Wharf, Ontario Building, Millharbour.



The cleaning we offer is beautiful. The new look of your cleaned house or office is vividly expressive. Our cleaners are charming. The mess before threatened to cause panic had gone. The final result is sensational and both parties client and provider are practically happy.

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Famous for being the most recommended cleaning company in the City, Canary Wharf Cleaners is now growing rapidly in popularity. Our company itself is situated and located its business on the Isle of Dogs in London’s Docklands.

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Every cleaned house from our cleaners is clarity of style and clean methods, there’s more going on than first meets the eye. You may feel a warm glow of pride when you order our end of tenancy cleaning package but where do this discount come from?

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If you’re a living in Canary Wharf area and in one of those or close to those luxury developments like Pan Peninsula or The Landmark, with aspiring cleaners and master class we are ready to help. Whether you’re on your first cleaning visit or you’re looking to use our spring cleaning or an end of tenancy cleaning, Canary Wharf Cleaners have the experts to help.

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If you are looking to have your apartment in Docklands E14 regularly visited by one of our maids, if you insist on receiving a high quality maid service, Canary Wharf Cleaners have the firepower and innovation methods on the cleaning field to get you place professionally cleaned.

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Many of our team members have experience in professional field such as plumbing service, electrical service, carpentry, painting &decorating and more, and we are sure that they can fix any household item if you need repaired.

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